Awning Services

Quality A Plus Awnings Make You Stand Out
After almost 20 years in the awning business, we’ve seen and done it all. Whatever your needs, we are equipped to handle them. A Plus Awnings has our processes down to a science! Ours is a complete system that allows you to sit back while we make you look good.

Our 10-Step Process
At A Plus Awnings, we get your job done on time and on budget by following tried-and-true procedures. But we’re nimble and flexible, too. We have the experience to anticipate and smooth out all the obstacles that can arise during any project. Take a look at our process:

1• Comprehensive site assessment and surveying
2• Thorough zoning and code investigation
3• Review of property owner requirements
4• Site-specific drawings and documents
5• Permitting process
6• Fabrication
7• Installation
8• Warranties- “For more details, please contact us”
9• Maintenance and repairs
10• Cleaning and site service

Installation & Repairs
A Plus Awnings professionals install any and all types of awnings (residential and commercial) in the Lower Mainland. We also do repairs and installations on retractable, patio, window and aluminum awnings from homes and rental properties to shopping plazas. Call A Plus Awnings today.

Clean Awnings Last Longer
Your awnings need to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent pollutants from becoming embedded into the surface of the fabric, which causes premature material failure. The longer the residues remain in contact with the surface, the greater the chance that stains will become permanent.

Protect Your Image!
Deposits of auto exhaust, air pollution, industrial fallout, mould, mildew, fungus, bird droppings and environmental dirt that are allowed to remain in contact for extended periods of time will cause deterioration of the threads, thus breaking down the seams and bindings and shortening the life of your awnings. Keeping awnings properly maintained not only protects your investment but also makes a better impression.

Our Process
At A Plus Awnings, we use a low-pressure, hand-washing method with a mild soap that is especially designed for cleaning awning fabric. This soap is 100% safe for all awning material and is biodegradable. Our cleaning process is the recommended method of many awning fabric manufacturers such as Sunbrella®, 3M, Cooley, etc. to keep your awnings looking fresh and vibrant years longer.

Get a Discount!
A Plus Awnings offers a custom awning maintenance service agreement based on your needs. We offer a discount when you sign a service agreement.